Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snow Forking

     Hopefully, this is the last of the snow for all you folks that are eager to do some broadforking and have been, ahem, held up from doing so. Nature has been cruel to my old neighborhood in Wisconsin and Winter has dragged on and on until you thought it would never end. Good news; it will end.

     It will end and the Earth will again come to life with an explosion of green and blooms and soil yearning to be loved and poked with a broadfork. My friend Terry, in the photo above, posed for this forlorn shot in his garden when I was visiting with his family a few weeks ago. In our minds we knew it was too soon to work the soil, but the heart must try.

     I hope it's getting close to planting time for you up there in the midwest. This ought to be morel season, yet you've been forced to shovel snow again and again as the shy Spring weather has toyed with you once more.

     Be strong, as I know you are. Your suffering will end soon and you'll be reminded of the reason you love it where you are so much.


  1. Hey, are those reinforcing gussets, a la the Valley Oak broadfork?

    1. Hi John,

      That is a 'Bertha" broadfork. It's the standard Gulland Broadfork with gussets. I named it after my maternal grandmother who was a little bit tougher than most. It's not in production yet but will be available soon. Good eye, by the way.

      I took the gusset concept, engineered a sleek, strong shape out of material half the thickness of the others on the market and TIG welded it to the tines. The result is a very stout tine that penetrates far easier due to the thinner gusset and the lower profile of the TIG welds. It's a sweet design and will be available to those that need it very soon. It's perfect for CSAs, community gardens, etc. The standard Gulland Fork is still perfect for most gardeners.

      Thanks for the note, John. I hope your garden is good this year.

      Good soil to you!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there, The Bertha is absolutely available. You can find them at
      Thanks for looking me up
      Good soil to you,

    2. Thank you Gulland. Will look at it today