Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Intermodal Logistics

After my last post, I came across an article I thought was very interesting regarding the importation of stuff from abroad. It looks like those Chinese pears are going to create some problems for those living in Gardner, Kansas in a roundabout way. 

Most of the stuff we purchase that is imported comes into the country via the ports. Since the bulk of imports come from Asia across the Pacific, California is the spot for most of it to land. Once things get off the ships, it all has to be distributed and the 'intermodal and logistics park' was born. Gardner, Kansas is getting one, and it'll mess things up beyond repair in that mid size city.

But we'll have our Reeboks!

Please read this article and figure out how you can begin to need a minimal amount of imported things. The environmental damage we are creating is beyond measure and it's time for each of us to take a look at our lifestyles and start to be more careful in our purchases and to stop feeding this monster.

Read this from AlterNet

Remember, it's all about small steps in the right direction. 



  1. They might build the park.

    They might actually finish it.

    But given the economic climate, will it be put to use?

    The jobs! Won't anyone think of the jobs! :-P

  2. Hey FAR,

    If you build a workplace, they will come!

    I was thinking how ridiculous it is to build 73 acres under a roof that has to be air conditioned year round through the hot summers and cold winters in the area. How could it ever pay for itself?


  3. That freight terminal is scary. Looks like you could fit my whole town into there, and then some. It might take nature awhile to reclaim that space once the fossil fuel music stops.

  4. Hello Gulland! Nice meeting you!

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  5. So you are back in Alabama. Just in time. This is what they call an old fashioned winter up north this year. Good luck with your new blog.