Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inspired by Yooper

For quite some time, I've been following Yooper's Blog and looking at urban decay through his eyes. 

Several years ago I found Kidd of Speed, a motorcyclist that made the most remarkable tour of the wasteland around Chernobyl on her bike and photographed what she discovered.

Most of us don't think of Chernobyl anymore. I urge you to take a close look at the Kidd of Speed's website and see what she has seen in the ruins of the worst nuclear plant disaster yet. It's chilling and not easy to view. I have tremendous respect for her efforts in documenting the devastation brought on by the core meltdown of April 26, 1986.

Thanks, Yooper, for reminding me of Kidd of Speed.



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  1. Thanks Gulland! I'm very much enjoying Kidd of Speed. I've made it through to the photo of the dodge'em cars at the amusement park. There was a documentary about what life might be if there was suddenly no human life on earth. It projected what the environment might be like at 100 year intervals. I think it was either on the History channel or Discovery? Did you happen to catch this?

    Anyway, much of it focused on Chernobyl and footage included the amusement park and the dodge'em cars. I'll just bet there were years when Detroit's Bob Lo Island looked very similar. Very, very interesting documentary coming from top scientists providing perhaps a peak into the future. Ha! Cats and dogs figured heavily into their futuristic scenario. I noticed many roaming dog packs around the neighborhoods of Detroit...