Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gulland is on youtube!!

That's right, everybody. I finally got around to making a broadfork demo video.

There are a couple of really bad ones on youtube that feature a 'gardening expert' using a broadfork like a harpoon and one that has some body builder guy in a meat suit, shirtlessly pounding a goalpost sized broadfork into apparently rock hard soil with his considerable hulking frame, 'wrasslin' style.

Now you can see skinny-armed Gulland showing a much more reasonable technique that will allow you to use a broadfork for hours on end if need be.

I'll apologize in advance for the less than Hollywood level of video, but movie making is about my 9th language. There will be more eventually, but I finally got the ball rolling with this one.


  1. Looks good! The only thing I suggest is getting a windsock (a piece of foam) to put over the mike — that will eliminate the wind noise you were picking up.

    You can actually take pretty good video with most things that are better than cellphones — you just need good lighting.

  2. Hi Far,

    Funny thing about that video... I had a little better camera, but it broke down right in the middle of shooting. We went and got my wife's camera and it started raining. We got an umbrella so the camera wouldn't get wet. The noise from the rain on the umbrella was bad so she moved the umbrella and covered the camera with her hands, but the umbrella had been blocking the wind on the microphone.

    There was no going back. The storm was coming, and we HAD to get that video done. I was afraid there would be mud clumped to my shoes in the video if we didn't hurry.

    It was a lot of fun doing it, and I am absolutely hooked on the educational aspect of the video, so I will do lots more as time allows.

    The garden is getting really good now. We've put away about 50# of beans and have harvested 75# of yellow squash so far. We planted a few weeks late so the tomatoes and peppers aren't happening yet, but the first crop of lettuce and spinach has been awesome. Broccoli is getting right, and out first attempt with celery is looking pretty good, finally.

    We've got rain for tomorrow, but by Sunday it should be dry enough to broadfork the beds and plant the fall stuff.I may even try a late crop of fingerling potatoes. I love those things and we didn't get to plant any yet.